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Substance Abuse Treatment

I don’t like labels. Terms like addict and alcoholic, and many others, are not helpful and I don’t use them. All I see is someone who needs help and is seeking it.

What’s important to me is how using your drug of choice has affected your life. And what you are motivated to do about it. I will work with you where you are. I will not attempt to force you to do anything. I believe you are unique and so is the treatment we will work on.

Here are some signs you may have a problem:

  • Using more than you intend to
  • Not being able to stop
  • Continuing to use despite negative consequences
  • Isolating yourself from family and friends
  • Spending a lot of time seeking, using and recovering

I don’t judge you. I admire you for the courage you’re showing by seeking help. I want to know who you are. I want us to work through, together, any shame, guilt or stigma you may have.

We will discuss your drug of choice. I will ask you in detail how often you use. I will also ask you when, where and how you use. We will identify your triggers, those known by you and those perhaps yet unknown.

Relapse can occur before you realize it. It’s part of the process and it happens to just about everyone. If it happens to you, we will view it as progress, as getting closer to your goal.

We will discuss other forms of treatment. Like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, inpatient or outpatient, medical assisted or not. You may be interested in some or none of these.

We will examine your support system or lack thereof. We will seek sources of support wherever they may be.

Substance abuse is frequently paired with another problem such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. If that’s the case, we will work on both issues at the same time.

If you are actively using, you must detox or become sober before counseling can be effective. There is little benefit to counseling unless you are able to think clearly.

I will hold you accountable for what you agree to do. However, I will do it with compassion and without judgment. We will also work on motivation to do more over time, without any pressure.

We will explore your history in detail, making note of relevant vulnerabilities, both genetic and environmental. If you are in a relationship, we may ask your spouse or partner to join us for a time so we may have their perspective.

Most of all I want you to know that there is hope. And I can help you find it and keep it.