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PTSD Treatment

Trauma can be the result of an overwhelming event. Your brain can’t fully process it. Your emotions can’t be fully expressed. This is true particularly in childhood when you are not equipped to handle the overload.

Unresolved trauma, and repressed or suppressed emotions stay with you. Over time they can gain power and affect your life into adulthood.

There may be times when what’s inside has enough power to come out on its own, usually in unhealthy ways. A clue can be when you don’t understand why you feel the way you do. Or you overreact emotionally for no apparent reason.

Research has shown there is a connection between childhood trauma and both mental and physical problems in adulthood.

Military trauma is its own category. An active duty deployment in a combat zone is an established source of trauma. Even soldiers in logistical roles are susceptible. My experience with soldiers is using Cognitive Processing Therapy, which was developed for military use.

There can be many sources of trauma. Some are sexual abuse, physical abuse, rape, divorce, domestic violence, and psychological abuse. Serious medical issues can also also be a source.

Resolving trauma means putting it in a place where it doesn’t interfere with your life. You will always remember it. But you can manage its effects.

A part of trauma treatment requires releasing the buried emotions associated with the event. It’s important to remember that what happened before is over. And I will only allow you to process what you can safely handle. I am very careful to be sensitive to your needs.

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