High Functioning Autism Counseling

Also known as Asperger’s, this neurodevelopmental condition is a life long challenge. There may have been a clinical diagnosis at some point in your life. Or you may know something is different but you don’t know what it is. Either way, counseling can help make sense of your world.

Being bullied during childhood and adolescence is common, and can be traumatic. Having healthy relationships throughout life can be difficult.

You have strengths that may not be recognized. And you may often feel misunderstood.

I’ve worked with many adults on this area of the spectrum, both with official diagnoses and without. Without exception, they are kind hearted and loving if given the opportunity.

For young people, as adulthood approaches, there can be apprehension about whether you can live independently. Whether you can maintain a job and earn enough money to be on your own.

There is often an emphasis on learning social skills in order to relate to other people and form friendships. There is also a core level of anxiety because no one really understands what you’re going through.  

There may be no one who understands how difficult it is for you every single day.

Neurotypicals who don’t know you don’t understand. I commit to understanding and supporting you. My goal is for you to be yourself, because you deserve it.