Trauma and PTSD Treatment

Your Pandemic Trauma

You have been traumatized by COVID-19. For the last two years, you have experienced a constant overwhelming threat. Everyone on the planet has been affected. How has it affected you? It’s been like a long-term natural disaster. Imagine the chronic stress of living in a hurricane for two years. And we can’t make sense of…

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Finding Meaning in Your Life – Part 2

In my previous blog, I explained the meaning of Meaning and why it’s important. Now let’s look at how you can find it. Where do I find Meaning? How do I do I find Meaning? Where do you begin to get your head around this elusive concept? I suggest a focus on three areas. If…

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Find Meaning In Your Life – Part 1

I would wager that most of us, at one time or another, have asked ourselves one or more of the following questions. Why am I here? Where am I going? What is life all about? What is my purpose in life? What makes life worth living? All of these questions have a common thread. They…

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