Depression Treatment

The Upside of Isolation

As I think we all know, the world has changed permanently. And with that, each of us has changed permanently as well. And no one knows what the future holds. That could be both a scary thought and possibly an exhilarating one depending upon how you feel about change. This a unique time both in…

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5 Things to Stop Right Now and Their Antidotes

Trying to Please Everyone – Please Yourself First People pleasers share a common outcome. They’re miserable. That’s because they neglect themselves. They’re so busy making others happy that they don’t even know their own needs. This obviously makes it impossible to get the needs fulfilled. How about this – meet your own needs first and…

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5 Reasons Real Men Should Consider Therapy

Do real men do therapy? Usually not. It’s for men who can’t handle their own problems. What if people found out? What would people think? My fellow men, we’re fooling ourselves. We’re too caught up in living up to a harmful standard. What’s more important, being yourself or being what you think someone wants you…

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