Career and Workplace Counseling

How satisfied are you with your work and career?

Before I became a counselor, I was an Executive Vice President of North America for an international lodging company. I was also an entrepreneur of a start up company.

I’ve managed a team of professionals. I’ve managed and met plenty of deadlines. I’ve hired and fired people.

I’ve both met and fallen short of ambitious goals. I’ve had great bosses and some not so good ones.

I’ve been through restructuring, downsizing, and strategy shifts. I’m very familiar with the demands of a high-pressure job.

I know what the stress feels like. I know what it’s like to not enjoy your work or your boss, or your company. I know the anxiety of a new position or new company. Feeling stuck where you are with no good options.

I also know what success feels like. The sense of accomplishment. The satisfaction of being part of something bigger and better than you alone. The gratification of a promotion. The perks and benefits of climbing the corporate ladder.

Could you use some guidance and practical advice?

I can offer experienced guidance for the following:

  • Handling a difficult boss
  • Having good working relationships with everyone
  • Writing a professional resume
  • Looking for a new job
  • Minimizing your stress
  • Celebrating your success
  • Planning your long term career

Together we can plot a course of fulfillment and satisfaction in your work life.


Rethink Your Job And Career

February 21, 2022