5 Reasons Real Men Should Consider Therapy

Do real men do therapy? Usually not. It’s for men who can’t handle their own problems. What if people found out? What would people think? My fellow men, we’re fooling ourselves. We’re too caught up in living up to a harmful standard. What’s more important, being yourself or being what you think someone wants you to be?

Our cultural stereotypes are damaging.

You know the story. We’re strong no matter what happens. We don’t cry. We take control and fix problems. We don’t do anything that shows weakness. Well, that may sound good but it doesn’t work. We lose touch with our humanity. We don’t know who we are anymore. And we’ll pass this dysfunction down to the next generation just like it was passed down to us.

You can be a better man.

Imagine what it would be like to not worry about what anyone else thinks. Imagine not having to live up to some artificial standard. You can learn what your needs are. You can learn to put them first and make the choices that are best for you. And in doing this, you’ll feel better about yourself and become a better person for everyone else. You’ll be a better man.

You need to open up.

Men keep things inside and it’s bad for us. When we do that we’re burying parts of ourselves. Therapy is an opportunity for you to say what you really think and feel. You’ll feel better if you do. A good therapist will make you feel safe and supported. You’ll have a relationship with your therapist that promotes growth, awareness and authenticity.

Your relationships will look different.

Over time your perspective will change. You’ll see yourself differently and this will carry over into your relationships with others. You may like some people more or you may like some less. Either way, you’ll see your relationships more clearly.

You don’t have to tell anyone.

Unfortunately, the stigma of mental health treatment is still there, especially for men. So don’t tell anyone if you don’t want to. What happens in therapy stays in therapy, with narrow exceptions. You have control over what you say and whom you say it to. You don’t owe anybody an explanation.

Real men also have the courage to ask for help. If you need help with anything, give me a call at 469-629-6995 or email me at [email protected].

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