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I provide counseling services for couples, adult individuals and families in Dallas, Texas

Here are some of counseling services I offer.
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Marriage Counseling

There may be poor communication, high conflict, infidelity or substance abuse. There may be a lack of friendship, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy.

We will work on a good communication process, rebuilding trust and learning conflict management skills. We will also address acceptance, quality time together and creating a strong, lasting connection.

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Couples Counseling

When the honeymoon period of your relationship tapers off, the dynamic and communication can change. You and your partner may begin to show your love and commitment in different ways. The shift can lead to miscommunication, leaving you to wonder if something is wrong with your relationship, your partner or yourself. Frequent arguments can make you feel like your needs and opinions are not being heard or understood.

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Family Counseling

There may be high conflict, low respect and poor boundaries. There may be a lack of togetherness, hidden agendas and power imbalances.

We will develop mutual respect and cultivate everyone being heard. We will also find common values, develop unconditional support and foster freedom to disagree.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Alcohol and drugs can be a major interference in your life. You may want to stop or slow down but can't. Maybe your relationships are broken and work is unstable.

Together we will determine what you are motivated to do. I will hold you accountable in a compassionate way. We'll enlist a support system to help.

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Trauma and PTSD Treatment

You may feel depression or anxiety and not know why. You may have a pattern of difficult relationships. You may startle easily and be hyper-vigilant. You may be emotionally reactive.

We will identify traumatic experiences including those you may not even be aware of. We will process suppressed emotions and come to an understanding of your trauma.

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Grief and Loss Counseling

Loss happens to all of us and everyone grieves differently. You may feel a wave of grief when you least expect it. You may have lost a loved one, a relationship or a career.

You deserve to grieve in your own way without judgement. We’ll focus on the meaning of the loss and how it affects you. We’ll examine your support system to use it effectively.

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Depression Treatment

You may have low motivation and low energy. You may have a low mood and an inability to feel pleasure. You may feel disappointed in yourself and discouraged about the future. You may be unable to focus or concentrate.

We’ll start with the basics of eating, sleeping and exercise. We’ll identify your needs and values. We’ll search for purpose and meaning in your life. We’ll focus on positive relationships and healthy boundaries.

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Anxiety Treatment

You can’t seem to relax and enjoy life. You may ruminate on negative thoughts. You may avoid social situations and have irrational fears. You may be restless and can’t seem to stop worrying.

We will explore the causes of your worry. We will discuss the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. We’ll practice coping tactics including controlled breathing and mindful awareness.

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I hold the following credentials

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

I help couples, individuals and families with counseling services here in Dallas.

I am also very experienced in teletherapy that we can do from anywhere in Texas.

I provide a calm, secure presence that will make you feel safe to be yourself. I will create a healthy environment for us to work together on your healing and personal growth.

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